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Non-Invasive Contouring

Introducing The Ovation Contouring Bed

Instant Results
Instant Results
With first treatment results frequently exceeding over 2 inches lost, it's no question why our patients love contouring!
100% Pain-Free Treatments
100% Pain-Free Treatments
All of our treatments are 100% pain-free. There are no injections, surgery, downtime, or pain involved in our treatments we offer!
Celebrate Your Success
Celebrate Your Success
We love celebrating our success with patients that reach both their short and long-term goals in our office through our programs!

Introducing Ovation Contouring

The "Gold Standard" Of Body Contouring Machines Available!

How Does Red Light Work?

The light emitted by a 635nm device, regardless of whether the source is laser-based or LED-based, will deliver the same reaction within the tissue.

This has been proven in a study done by a physician that indicated both types of light, laser and LED, became diffused upon entering the dermis.

The light was diffused to the point where there was no negligible difference between the two types of light when it reached the subcutaneous fat cells (fat cells below the surface of the skin).

How The Treatment Works:

Our treatments are 100% pain-free and are extremely quick!

This is the latest advancement in light-emitting diode (LED) technology and is exceptionally effective on all body areas due to its unique bed design.

The bed allows the light source to be as close as possible to the skin; the optimum way to deliver photonic energy.

The wavelengths of 635nm and 880nm light are emitted by the pads of the system, combining the beneficial aspects of both frequencies to attain optimal results.